Better stays begin with faster check-ins

With Web Check-in from Hudini, your guests can check-in online, skip the queue and paperwork at the front desk, and begin their stay that much sooner.  

 Web check-in is a self-service technology with which guests can complete the check-in formalities using their mobile devices. The platform can be accessed through any web browser, and doesn’t just save time, but also enriches the hospitality experience.  

Guests can complete

Hudini’s Web Check-in

in 5 easy steps

1. Create or update their profile

2. Verify themselves by uploading or scanning ID proofs

3. Authorize the payment mode 

4. Choose upgrades from hotel options

5. Review and sign the e-registration form

See multiple benefits with a single platform

Hudini’s web check-in can be seamlessly integrated with your PMS and other operational systems to streamline the check-in process. Naturally, this offers several advantages to guests, staff and the management team.

Guests can select rooms as per their preference


ID proofs can be submitted and verified online, with the highest standards of data protection ensuring privacy and security


Guests can customize stays and opt for upgrades, giving hotels the opportunity to upsell


Notifications inform guests as soon as their rooms are ready, minimizing wait times and congestion in the lobby


 The staff’s efficiency improves due to a reduction in crowding and repetitive tasks, enabling them to dedicate more time to interactions with guests


Safety protocols remain in place thanks to contactless check-in


Hotel operations become more eco-friendly due to the reduced usage of paper

Overall, web check-in can significantly improve guest experience at your hotel.

 Studies show that 73% of guests are more likely to choose hotels that offer self-service technology like web check-in.*

*As per a survey of 5,600 hotel guests conducted by Skift and Oracle.

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